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530 02 Pardubice
Česká republika

Tel.: +420 466 611 922
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Company Information

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About the GALEJ company

    Galej s.r.o. is a company, which has been engaged in international haulage for 18 years. During the time of its engagement in this business, the company has undergone improvement and acquired a lot of valuable experience. Just like every developing company, I dare to claim that our development is moving in the right direction and our services provided to you, our customers, have a growing trend in terms of the quality and range of the services.

    The company’s original trading name was Petr Lejhanec Ga-Lej, which was changed in 2005 to Galej s.r.o.

    Our objective is certainly to serve the needs of our clients, both current and new. Testament to the fact that our company is capable of achieving these objectives is, for example, coverage of the demand of Kerpen and Kerpen, a German company for which Galej transported up to 359 semi-trailer trucks per month in record months.

    The company’s fleet consists of 7 own trucks and a further 20 contractual trucks, of which some are large-capacity trucks in order for us to be prepared to meet your demands. The freight forwarding provided by the company covers cargos from 1 to 25 tons.

    Your shipments are tracked using satellite monitoring, which means that we know exactly where your shipment is at any given moment. Thanks to such accurate information, we have a perfect overview and realistic idea of the shipment delivery time during the course of its transportation.

    If you are a potential new client, we would be glad to welcome you and provide you with services of the same quality as those provided to our current clients, whom I would hereby like to thank for their trust in the Galej company, which in most cases has already lasted for several years.


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